ZFARM Finance
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Launch Plan

Steady growth with us
(*Updated 26/11/21)
On BSC block #13000000 following changes will be applied on https://zfarm.finance
  • ZFARM emission rate reduce from 5 to 2.5 per block
  • Enable Deposit/Withdraw function of BNB, BUSD
  • Add stake zBNB, zBUSD to earn ZFARM token with 100x multiplier
  • Increase ZFARM-BNB farming reward multiplier to 300x
  • Increase ZFARM staking reward multiplier to 150x
  • Remove deposit fee in farming section . Notes
  • Deposit/Withdraw function will start with run-in phase which still required manual operation on system side. This mechanism will ensure integrity of our smart contract before move to automate system
  • All interest from deposited token will be collected as a reward and prepare to distribute unequally to zfarm token holder in next phase
Phase 1
✔ Website launching
✔ Initiation of ZFARM's token distribution
✔ User's PancakeSwap LP token farming
Phase 2
✔ Deposit & withdraw function available
✔ zToken staking
  • Interest aggregation of the reward pool
Phase 3
  • Reward pool available
  • Allow user to deposit ZFarm token to get reward
  • Initiation of reward distribution
Phase 4+
  • Governance features
  • Automate farming
  • Smart contract audited
  • Cross-chain integration
  • User Profile
  • Achievement & NFT