ZFARM Finance
Fair launch with no pre-sale or pre-mine
    Start distributed on BSC block 7920000 (~Tue Jun 01 2021 14:47:35 GMT)
    The emission rate of 10 ZFARM/block
    No insider
    No pre-mine
    No pre-sale
    10% of distributed tokens that will go to fund development and marketing.
    100,000 ZFARM with 10 BNB will be used to seed the ZFARM-BNB pool on pancakeswap
    100,000 ZFARM with same value of ZMN token will be used to seed the ZFARM-ZMN pool on pancakeswap
    Seed liquidity will be time locked
    Although there is no max supply for ZFARM, ZFARM will be burned massively from the pool that does not get the reward.
Last modified 4mo ago
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